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Chol HaMoed Pesach Video (5748 - “R’ Gifter Shechts Lamm”)

Posted by Dovid Boruch Kopel
February 4, 2009 - י"א שבט ה' תשס"ט
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This shmooze was given by HaRav Mordechai Gifter Zt”l on Chol HaMoed Pesach. It has been notoriously given the name “Gifter Shechts Lamm”. Rav Gifter explains some of the problems he has with Dr.Lamm and the association that he was affiliated with. This video deals with many halachik and hashkafik questions that are appropriate to all of us. While this video is truly emes (as is everything that Rav Gifter says) especially something that he was so motivated to dispute as this. I do ask that you try not to let this video simply become a “hock” and a “geshmake zach“. Realize it is a terrible disgrace that all of this had to be said, and furthermore that there was and is still is a grave Chillul Hashem. I hope that you learn as much as I did from this video and enjoy the great wisdom and straight visions of life and how to live it from Rav Gifter Zt”l. May all of his words and thoughts of Divrei Torah be a zchus for us and an aliyah for his neshamah as well.

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